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Psychedelics and Therapeutic Approaches

The psychedelics research field came to a halt in the 1960's. Studies of compounds like mdma, psilocybin, lsd were taking leads when suddenly all studies got suspended leaving no conclusive results.

Heffter Research Institute since funded in 1993 has played an important role in the comeback in Psychedllic Research. Other important one is Beckley Foundation in UK. Now days NYU, Johns Hopkins and Imperial COllege of London all have conducted research utilizing psilocybin.

PSilocybin in particular has shown impressive benefits in anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction.

During these studies intimate conversation is one of the most important practices to assist in this self disclosure journey. Setting and dosing are also managed and important.

Ketamine therapeutic use has been active for some time in different states of the US. MDMA is looking promising for therapeutic use in 2023 and psilocybin in 2024.

Psychedellic research has done a great come back for healers and medical practices worldwide.


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