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What Is Our Life's Purpose?

According to one of Kabbalah's Center greatest teachers, Shimon Serfaty, the purpose of life is not to accomplish things but our transformation of consciousness.

We give and share to receive the awareness to see the opportunities in life to transform our consciousness.

At times when our life seems stuck, and things don't SEEM to go our way, when we cannot control outcomes according to Shimon is our biggest opportunity for light. If we learn to see pain and catastrophy as tools for opportunity of "transformation of consciousness", only then we are moving towards the light. When nothing is going on is when we're actually moving to the next level.

Learning to recognize that each moment is life (no matter how painful) is a blessing and a step towards the light!

Where do thoughts come from?

According to Shimon from past lives! Thoughts are seeds we plant, which eventually give fruits that are our actions.

If we have a negative thought and don't push it back with awareness it will grow and bring negative feelings and actions.

The same happens with positve thougts.

So keeping check of our thoughts is part of our spiritual transformation.

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