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Why Go To A Yoga Retreat?

You may want to get away form it all. You may want to clean your body and feel relaxed, calm, in harmony and ease.

You may be depressed, lost and fearful and ready to lighten up.

Panama Yoga Retreats gives you the gift of astounding views of mountains and untouched beaches, great teachings, best local organic grown food!

The retreat is a perfect combination of asanas, meditation, healthy eating and outdoor activities, which allow us to reconnect to our true selves.

If you want to relax, renew, rejuvenate just come and DO IT! Our promise is to leave you a feeling of inner peace, equilibrium and tranquility. Our promise is to give you tools you can incorporate daily to a healthier, brighter and better life.

Our retreat is open to people of all faiths, ages, nations and sexual orientation.

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