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Enjoying our processes

With four planets retro it's easy to feel "stuck" in certain areas. But what's really going on is that these same planets that are retro are giving us the chance to create a new "long lasting enduring structure". Why? Because of the beautiful trine forming in earth signs (Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo and Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus) all at the same time. It's no coincidence; the Universe has a perfect "modus operandum".

Sometimes in life we are so concerned with the final "outcome" we totally forget to enjoy the process. For example: The student who has to go to school all the years in order to graduate. The person who has to learn to be alone first before being in a relationship with someone else. If you don't learn to give to yourself first then, What can you offer others? If you don't value yourself first, How are others going to value you? It all starts from within. All the process is divine and equal in importance.

In our culture we live for "immediate satisfaction" or "immediate gratification" we want it all fast and now. But "now" is always happening so we might as well enjoy the "now".

It is important to honor and respect our own processes without wanting to rush them.

We think: Oh when I achieve this, I'll be happy and set. When I get this and do that, life will be fulfilling. Learning patience and to recognize the beauty of the process brings us that "rewarding" feeling of being at peace with it all and with what is. It's ultimately not about the goal but about how we get there. So let's keep ourselves open, trusting and flowing.

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