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This eclipse is a GAME CHANGER! All that we have already started to apply in 2016 like healthy habits instilled thanks to Jupiter in Virgo and all the attention to the small changes that make BIG differences in our lives will now get even more integrated in our DNA.

Eclipses always bring changes but this one in particular is the strongest one of the the three in this set. (August 18 we had eclipse with full moon in aquarius , sept 1st is this one Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Sept 16th we'll have full moon Eclipse in Piscis). This is not something that is going to happen overnight and I remind you eclipses have a window of a month of manifestation and a 6 month influence period.

For well over a year we've had the nodes (the points which mark the collective work of humanity) in south node piscis and north node virgo. This position is calling us to integrate the spririt (piscis) within the body (virgo). The body is our vehicle and Virgo wants to make sure that we use it correctly and that we keep it clean and purified in order to hold the divine in each one of us. For ex. we can't be holding our divinity if we are eating junk right? Or let's say everyone now days practices yoga but what is the intention? is it only for a Power workout and sweat? for the instagram pic? Or is is to really connect to our INner core and spirit. We have shifted the focus from the OUTER to the INNER nothing sustainable is achieved thru the outer we must go IN. As Yogi Bhajan said, "Go in or go without". Also, Virgo has showed us many lessons in getting organized and to be discerning about what and whom we give our energy and attention to. The more aligned we've been with our purpose and truth the more we'll be able to flow and less "shocking" the eclipses will feel.

With Mercury retrograde and Jupiter about to kiss goodbye Virgo and continue it's ways to Libra, it's clear that we are getting second chances. Those who have not started the journey of changing habits, cleansing, purification to integrate spirit to the body now can jump on the bandwagon and start. Yes you can start even though Mercury is retrograde!

My advice is usually to not start things up while Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation is retro or asleep but now with so much support from the eclipse and other aspects I say go for it, IF it's pertaining to things such as changing habits for the better. And when I mean habits is not only eating properly or meditating. We also nourish ourselves by the way we talk to ourselves. Mercury Retro ask us to observe our internal dialogue. How do we talk to ourselves? Is it with love , compassion, self respect? All this, we must also consider as nutrition. How do feed ourselves emotionally? Are we eating right foods but we starving inside because we feel needy or unloved? If so, Why is this? Are we dependent on others to love us? We must realize that the most important relationship is with US. To give and receive love we must give it to ourselves FIRST. There is no way around this. If we are not giving love to ourselves chances are we won't be able to freely express, give or receive love. Nothing is ever outside, it's all IN.

Guys please! Mercury retro is no good for signing contracts, important info and starting new projects. It's a time for revising, reviewing, rechecking, reconsidering. Let's wait until after Oct 5th to implement new projects and sign papers.

Oh and the day of the new moon and eclipse and the days before Sept 1st lets take it slow lets fast if we can. It is much better to be in a "receiving" mode rather than in an active "doing" mode. There is much going on, even if we can't really feel it but there is a shift in our electromagnetic field and it's almost like we are downloading a new software so let's keep the body and mind light and flexible.

It's NOW a time for all of us to celebrate! We have come a long way this year and we've been moved out of our comfort to make changes and real progress. Real progress comes from WITHIN and this is the work we've done for the past year. It's an almost accomplished mission and I am sure you as well as myself have focused on the changes at hand and kept you chins high in the midst of challenges. We are as humanity NOW building a new world. It's no small task and this is what this eclipse is bringing on. Each individual working reflects on the collective. We are ALL ONE but the individual work must be done.

It's time to connect to the INNER (the sooner we do it the better) ! How how we can share our light with the humanity? will be the ongoing theme for 2017. Once we move to the eclipses on the nodal axis of Leo-Aquarius.

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