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Tools for Life

When the moon is in Cancer is a good time to cook, prepare food, nurture ourself and others, get in contact with our emotions, to spend at home with family, things having to do "mothering", planting seeds, the planet etc.... So in a day with a moon in cancer these would be the optimal things to do instead of for ex. working payments, responsibilities, organizing (for that we have another better day). So when we know this information we can better FLOW with the available energy.

As you guys know, I've been not only teaching yoga for aprox. 15 years but also studying Astrology and charts. It's been years of learning, observation and reading charts. And today I want to share with you the magic that happens when we connect with the cycles of the moon and how we can see the manifestation of our desires and goals in our lives. It's not "hoky-poky" stuff it's learning to observe and understand what's the available Universal energy to work with.

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