Body Language / Lenguaje Corporal

Imagine you're in a cafe and there are two men in two different tables. One is seated slouched over the table, looking down at his shoes and when the waiter approaches to serve him he says: No, I don't want anything. You can see how he cuts communication on the spot. What do you think of this person? Do you think he is confident? Does he look like a winner to you ? Is he engaging with life or avoiding it?

Meanwhile, the other man is smiling, sitting up straight heart open and shoulders back and relaxed. When approached by the same waiter who asks him How are you today? He gives a big smile and says FANTASTIC. He then asks her how's her day. What do you think of this man? Is he in control? Is he confident? Is he engaging with life?

Of these two men who would you like to have a moment with?

So, how we carry ourselves, our walk, our talk, our thoughts are all a part of what we give, project and what we receive in life.

Imagínate que estás en un café y hay dos hombres sentados en diferentes mesas. Uno de ellos se sienta encurvado sobre la mesa, con la mirada en sus zapatos y cuando la mesera lo atiende el le responde: No quiero nada (casi sin mirarla).

Que piensas de esta persona? Es líder? Es positivo? Esta involucrado con la vida?

En la otra mesa está el otro hombre con una gran sonrisa, pecho abierto hombros hacia atrás y relajados. Cuando viene la mesera y le pregunta Que tal dia? El responde: FANTASTICO! El luego le pregunta a ella y el tuyo?

Que piensas de este hombre? Es positivo? Es ganador? Esta involucrado con la vida?

Con cual de estos dos hombres prefieres pasar un momento?

Como nos comportamos a diario con nuestro caminar, nuestro hablar, nuestro pensar forma parte de lo que proyectamos y lo que recibimos en la vida.

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